Ready to Join the BCA Family?

Follow these easy steps to become a Knight

(2019-2020 applications for new students will be available January 23, 2019):

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                                    Here you will:                                            Once we receive your                                 Please sign this form &                       Once everything is completed,                  A member of our admissions
                              1.  Create on online account                  online application, we will contact             either fax it (678.425.6553)                       a family interview may be                         team will notify you of the 
                       2. Complete the application form             you to schedule a date to complete                 or bring it to our offices                                   requested by BCA.                                        enrollment decision.
                         3.  Submit the non-refundable                       a testing/evaluation process                               as soon as possible.
                                            application fee.                                                  (K-12th only)                                                    (1st-12th only)



Once You Have Been Accepted:

  1. Online Enrollment Forms must be completed.
  2. Submit required documents and supplemental forms.
  3. Setup online tuition payment schedule through SMART Tuition (our tuition management program).
  4. Once all information is received, you are officially "Enrolled" and will begin receiving school information and be assigned an academic schedule.

These documents are required:

  1. Current School Records (report cards, standardized test scores, attendance records, and any behavior records)
  2. Copy of Birth Certificate
  3. Current Immunization Records
  4. Signed Family Commitment Contract
  5. Any previous Educational Testing or Education-Psychological evaluations (if applicable)
  6. Court ordered child custody decrees (if applicable)
  7. Jr. High & High School (6th-12th Grade) must complete a Pastor Referral Form