Our Mission

The mission of Bethlehem Christian Academy is to create a desire to know and serve God in the heart of each student by equipping them academically, physically, spiritually, and socially to fulfill God’s purpose for their lives. (Luke 2:52)


Bethlehem Christian Academy exists to effectively educate and prepare students for a successful future as godly members of their family, church, community, and world.

Bethlehem Christian Academy’s educational programs or courses of instruction shall be conducted consistently with the teaching of the inerrant Word of God. Any assertion or belief which conflicts with or questions a Bible truth is a pagan deception and distortion of the truth which will be disclaimed as false. It is the responsibility of every instructor or teacher to present the inerrant Word of God as the sole infallible source of knowledge and wisdom.

Bethlehem Christian Academy shall endeavor to build the academic, physical, spiritual, and social lives of our students within the framework of a Christian worldview (Luke 2:52).

Bethlehem Christian Academy has an evangelical view of Christian education. The school will partner with the family and church in bringing the student to faith in Christ.

Bethlehem Christian Academy believes parents have the primary responsibility for the nurture, maturation, and development of their children. 

Our Vision

A vision statement outlines what an organization believes it is called to accomplish. It focuses on tomorrow; it provides criteria for decision-making; and it is timeless.

The vision of Bethlehem Christian Academy is to produce students...

  • who are fully devoted followers of God
  • who are thoroughly prepared to fulfill the will of God in their life
  • who will powerfully demonstrate their Biblical worldview through character, wisdom, leadership, service and achievement 

School Scripture

Ephesians 6:13