High School Academics


Our students are encouraged to reach their individual potential in Christ
through a wide-range of advanced placement, honors, and college-preparatory courses. 

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In high school, our students are preparing to fly. Academically, we want to prepare them for excellence in whatever vocational calling they are led. All of our course offerings are college-preparatory at a minimum with most core classes offering Honors options and many offering AP levels. While not all students strive to enter competitive college environments, we know many do, and it is our goal at BCA to help motivated students achieve their dreams for post-high school studies. We are excited at the number of BCA graduates and seniors who are realizing those dreams with early admission and scholarships to the colleges of their choice.

High school courses at BCA are developed and run through academic departments that focus on bringing to students the very best offerings taught by teachers with a deep knowledge and passion for their subject area. Our teachers understand high school students learn best when they are motivated with interesting, rich, and relevant content that they play an active role in learning. Engaging students is our focus. Building relationships is a prerequisite. Developing lifelong learners is the fruit. Additional information about our high school courses can be found in our Course Catalog and Course Sequence Chart.