Bible Curriculum

At BCA, we view Bible classes as not just another academic subject full of rigor and benchmarks. While our Bible classes are at time rigorous and require a student to really learn the basis of their faith, Bible teachers also view each independent class as a small group they lead with the end goal of always drawing students closer to Jesus. Through our Bible classes, we believe we are gifted an opportunity to disciple and lead our students.


A Page, then a Squire, and finally, a Knight. That is the journey an individual would take during the Medieval times to become a Knight. They would spend time learning, being equipped and growing. Ending with their time in high school and beginning with their time in elementary school, our students are on this same journey involving 10 Biblical character traits we call the "Knight's Code." 


During each month of school our Elementary student's are learning during chapel time and Bible time in their classrooms about those character traits. They capstone each month with a service project or application opportunity that embodies that specific trait of the Knight's Code. The last chapel of each month is known as a celebration chapel, where the classes are recognized for what they've learned and done with a badge to be hung outside of their classroom for each trait and a certificate for the students from each class the modeled the trait the best.


Jr. High

As students move on to their junior high years, they begin to put it all together and search themselves for what they really believe. We begin to take all of the Bible characters and stories they learned about in elementary school and apply them to their place in history. Throughout sixth grade, students take an Old Testament survey course tied to a historical timeline so students cannot only reinforce their Biblical knowledge but also apply it to its proper time in history with the other historical facts they learn outside of Bible. It is a great time to watch the student's faith become more real to them.

High School

As our students become high schoolers, we know they are well on their way to becoming men and women ready to be sent out into the world. We want to prepare them as much as possible. So Bible curriculum begins focusing on apologetics and the defense of our faith, as well as hard and real topics like marriage and family to prepare them to be the Godly men and women they were created to be.