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Academy Wide Initiatives

At Bethlehem Christian Academy, we not only want to be "hearers" and "learners" of the Word but also "doers" of the Word. We know our students' faith will mostly come to life when they get to apply it and see the Fruits of the Spirit that flow from that. We've chosen to focus our academy wide initiatives in areas that have personally affected us as a BCA community. Each year we have four academy wide initiatives:

  • Fall Semester: Breast Cancer Awareness Week
  • Fall Semester: Adopt a Family Gift Campaign
  • Spring Semester: BCA Has Heart Week for CHOA
  • Spring Semester: Epilepsy Awareness Week


We are excited to announce that BCA is once again sponsoring eight families this year for Adopt a Family! Adopt a Family enables BCA to partner with Bethlehem Church and Walk Thru Bethlehem by helping provide Christmas gifts to families in need in our local area. Each grade level in high school and each house in junior high adopts one family for a total of eight families. Closer to the Christmas holiday, students and teachers schedule a time with each family to deliver the gifts, share the reason for the season, and pray with them. It truly is one of the greatest service opportunities we have here at BCA. We believe that we are blessed for the sake of blessing others and that Barrow County should be a better place because of our existence in it! 
In the past, as you may be familiar with, we have asked you bring gifts relevant to the children’s Christmas lists. Though it is always exciting to see the gifts coming in, it has commonly resulted in duplicates. In the spirit of streamlining this year’s Adopt a Family donations we are asking that you simply bring a monetary donation for the sponsored families. All collected donations will go to the purchasing of gifts for the families. Donations will be accepted starting tomorrow December 6th through December 12. 

It's a Competition!
Junior High (6th-8th grade) Donations:
The Junior High will be collecting donations as a competition between houses (Arete, Doxa, Emeth, and Toqueph) at the Junior High Office. There will be color coded baskets corresponding to each house's color. As a reminder: 
Arete - Green
Doxa - Black
Emeth - Blue
Toqueph - Red
Prize: 750 points to the winning house & a Christmas treat!

High School (9th-12th grade) Donations:

The high school donations will be collected at the High School Office in jars with teacher's names.

Prize: The three teachers with the most money in their jars, will be pied in the face at our Christmas Chapel on December 13th!

Let us be generous BCA and make an eternal impact together all while having a little fun doing so! God bless and Merry Christmas!