Welcome to the Lair...Home of the Knights

Bethlehem Christian Academy athletics is proud to be a part of GISA (Georgia Independent School Association).In 2014, we made the move from A to AAA in all our competitive sports. For more information on GISA, please click here to go to their website.

Currently, BCA offers our student athletes the opportunity to participate in the following sports: football, volleyball, softball, cheerleading, basketball, baseball, golf, girls' soccer, tennis, and track & field. To find out more information on a particular sport, please click the links in the box on the athletic home page and contact the head coach, or you may contact our athletic director, Tim Early (

Our Mission

The Mission of our Athletic Program at BCA is to bring glory to God through competitive sports developing not only physical strength but a depth of faith, strength of character and leadership skills required for a lifetime of services to Jesus Christ.

Our mission requires us to strive for excellence in every dimension of our athletic program. Excellence drives our athletes and teams to prepare, and preform, to the best of their ability each time they take the field or court and to aspire to nothing less than giving God the glory. We always work hard to win, yet our main goal is in shaping lives for Jesus Christ. We believe that if we succeed here, even when we lose a match or game, we have achieved our mission.

"Now everyone who competes exercises self-control in everything. However, they do it to receive a crown that will fade away but we a crown that will never fade away."I Cor. 9:25


Our school family will see every competition, match, or game as an opportunity to represent Christ through our actions and responses. The BCA family will always cheer for our team while honoring the dignity of the other team, schools and officials. We represent Bethlehem Christian Academy by our behavior in the most intense moments or when facing a challenge. The attitudes of our athletes, coaches and fans will define Bethlehem Christian and more importantly define who Christ is to families, communities, and to other schools. The BCA family will take a stand to be different! We will show kindness, honor and respect at all times. We will remember whose name we wear on our uniform and we will represent Him well.