Raffle Terms and Conditions

The vehicle will be transferred to the Grand Prize winner as is, where is, at Akins Ford, Winder GA.  BCA does not make or provide any representation, guarantee or warranty,
expressed or implied, in connection with the vehicle and accepts no liability or responsibility regarding the construction or condition of the vehicle.

At the time of closing, all federal and state income taxes and sales tax based on the value of the vehicle, will be due from the winner.  All appropriate and required federal and state taxes will be withheld by BCA in accordance with federal and state law and BCA will remit the balance of the prize to Akins Ford Dealership so that the vehicle can be transferred to the winner. 
BCA makes no guarantee that the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) will accept that value of the vehicle for the purpose of determining any income tax that may be due from the winner. 
BCA takes no responsibility for any tax liabilities.  Consult your tax advisor.

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