Academic Labs

HS Academic Labs
  • Academic Labs are a designated time at least twice a week where all 9-12th grade core subject teachers are available to assist students with tutoring, coursework makeup, or questions students may have.

  • All Academic Labs will be held in the same room as the class is taught. 

  • Students who are failing a course are required to attend at least one lab for that class per week until their grade improves to passing. 
  • Athletes whose sport is in season are required to attend at least two academic labs or study halls per week. (Note: specific coaches may require additional attendance at their discretion.) 
  • Non-failing students are also welcome to sign up for any academic lab. 
  • Attendance will be recorded at every Academic Lab and study hall time.
  • Coaches will manage any disciplinary repercussions of non-attendance of their athletes. 

  • Signing up for a lab spot will be managed at the teachers’ discretion. Teachers will have the flexibility to handle sign-ups in the way that works best for their classes. They may limit the number of students who can sign up for any given day. It will be the students’ responsibility to sign up as needed and the teachers’ responsibility to clearly communicate sign-up procedures. 
  • Students who don’t sign-up for a lab can still drop-in for tutoring, but assistance may be limited or unavailable depending on the number of students already present. It is up to the teacher’s discretion to accept or decline drop-ins. If a student needs critical help, signing up for lab is always recommended. 
  • For athletes who do not require academic lab tutoring but are required to report to study hall, this quiet homework time will be managed by “in season” coaches from 3:10-3:45 on practice days in a location determined and communicated by each coach. 

  • Labs will be offered from 3:10-3:45 Monday, Tuesday, & Thursday as noted below. 
  • If a teacher needs to change a specific lab date from the schedule below, it will be the teacher’s responsibility to clearly communicate this with their students in each class and offer an alternative “make-up” lab time. 
  • If no students sign up for a specific lab, the teacher will still be available for drop-in tutoring. 
  • The following is the 2018.19 schedule for Academic Labs: 
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