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Academic Labs


Academic Labs are provided for core high school classes during Flex Blocks, a designated time during the school day for students and teachers to connect. These labs provide extra academic support and allow time during the school day for homework, make-up assignments, extra tutorial help, project-based learning, and academic collaboration across subjects. In Junior High, Flex Blocks are intentionally scheduled as both tutorial support and outside break time, thus providing time for developmentally essential academic and socialization skills. 

Important Academic Lab Information: 

  • All Flex Block procedures are determined and communicated by grade level teams. 

  • Students failing a course or at risk of failing may be required to attend a mandatory Flex Block until passing. These mandatory labs are assigned and monitored by the advisement department. 

  • Additional academic lab times can be scheduled before or after school by the teacher to support student academic achievement. Any after school academic labs will be managed at the teachers’ discretion.