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Dual Enrollment & Advanced Placement

advanced placement

The Advanced Placement Program at Bethlehem Christian Academy is intended to challenge and reflect the rigors of college.  Advanced Placement classes assist students with gaining a foundational understanding of the subject and strengthening student transcripts during the college admission process.

What are the benefits of taking Advanced Placement courses at BCA? 

  • Stand out in the college admissions process by demonstrating academic maturity and discipline. 

  • Show willingness to push yourself academically while committing to a high level of scholastic rigor.  

  • More than just a test, AP are college-level courses taught by BCA teachers at BCA.

AP Classes Offered at BCA: 

AP Calculus AB 
AP Computer Science Principles 
AP Language Arts 
AP Literature 
AP Physics 
AP Psychology 
AP Statistics 
AP US Government & Politics 
AP US History 
AP European History 


dual enrollment

Dual Enrollment is a program that provides funding for students to take approved college-level coursework for credit towards both high school and college graduation requirements.  Because students are enrolled simultaneously at their DE college and BCA, students are expected to maintain a high level of academic discipline and accountability to ensure success in the Dual Enrollment Program. 

Why take DE courses?   

  • Get a jump-start earning college credit while enriching your high school experience.  

  • Take courses that are academically challenging while learning to navigate a college level environment. 

What are the eligibility requirements to participate in Dual Enrollment?   

11th and 12th grade students who meet all eligibility requirements and submit all paperwork by the set deadlines may take dual enrollment courses. See current eligibility requirements below: 

  • Completion of all application requirements by the deadline every semester of participation 

  • Acceptance to the dual enrollment institution- each college sets its own admission standards, including GPA and minimum test score requirements, for acceptance to the dual enrollment program 

  • Minimum 3.0 GPA and a B average in the prerequisite course 

  • Attendance at DE/AP night, individual BCA advisement meeting, or prior participation in DE program at BCA 

  • No BCA scheduling conflicts 

Will my DE credits transfer?  

  • Know your transfer equivalences for colleges/universities AND majors. Not every school takes DE credits.  

  • It is the responsibility of students & parents to ensure DE courses transfer to the students’ college or university of choice.   

Approved DE Course Opportunities 
*All DE course schedules are pending BCA administration approval 

Core ELA, SS, and Math: 
 EN 101 – Composition 
EN 102 – Composition & Literature  
EN 201 – English Literature 
EN 221 – World Literature 
EN 231 – American Literature  
HIS 101/102 – World History 
HIS 201/202 – American History (taught on campus by BCA adjunct professor) 
PO 101 – American Government 
MA 102 – College Algebra  
MA 116 – Pre-Calculus  
MA 200 – Statistics 

SO 210 – Introductory Sociology  
PY 210 – Introductory Psychology  
CO 105 – Introduction to Public Speaking 
SP 101/102 – Introductory Spanish