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Engaging Learning

Dynamic and creative environments promote real learning.

We repeatedly hear that students LOVE coming to BCA. This is music to our ears and the result of a lot of intentionality! Both inside and outside of the classroom, we’ve tried hard to make our school feel like a home away from home with lots of fun, laughter, and security. Our décor and furnishings are warm and comfortable with a keen focus on promoting community and collaboration. Many of our classrooms do not look at all like traditional classrooms, but rather are designed to meet the learning needs of the classes that meet in those spaces. For example, our high school language arts classes are built around the Harkness Method of discussion and are designed more like corporate board rooms than standard classrooms.

* Harkness refers to a method of discourse during which students themselves guide the flow of the discussion and formulate most of the high-level questions they pose to one another. The following site contains more information about the Harkness Method: Harkness at Exeter

The Harkness Difference