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Kingdom Focus

The pursuit of knowledge must be grounded in the Word of God and for His glory

Reaching students’ hearts and instilling a kingdom-mindset pervades all our academic classes often in creative ways. For example, our sixth-grade Ancient History and Bible classes are taught as one course. Biblical narratives are woven directly into the history curriculum and timelines show students that the Bible accounts are real and relevant. History comes alive as students learn to see this subject as a revealing of “His story.” Our literature-rich curriculum K-12 gives ample opportunity to teach students how to think and communicate from a Biblical worldview. Science at BCA is taught from a Christian perspective giving glory to God as Creator and Sustainer of the natural world including all life. Man is viewed as a special creation made in God's image. Students are encouraged to see the design complexity of life and the inherent order of natural laws as divine fingerprints. Bible classes are a standard part of the BCA curriculum at every grade level.

The scope and sequence of topics are designed with age and development in mind. Elementary students study the Scriptures chronologically with a strong focus on the gospel and narratives. By the time students reach high school, they are studying topics such as apologetics, worldview, and marriage & family. Biblical integration extends beyond the classroom. Our teachers pray for and support their students remembering the challenges that come with growing up. Discipleship relationships between teachers and students are common, especially in high school. Our teachers accompany JH and HS students on their spiritual retreats building bonds that last.