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Robust Curriculum

Learning objectives and resources are rigorous, integrated across grade levels, and flexible enough to meet a wide range of learning needs.

Curriculum design at bca is driven by the needs of each our 6 departments.

English Language Arts/Foreign Language
Social Studies
Fine Arts
Physical Education

Each academic department outlines the K-12 learning objectives so that BCA students moving from grade level to grade level have the necessary foundational learning needed for success at the next level with the ultimate goal of college readiness by graduation.

Curriculum at BCA is not defined by a single publisher. We use various texts some (but not all) of which are from Christian publishers. Biblical integration, however, is designed into each and every course. Resources for each course are selected after careful consideration with much input from the expert teachers in those departments.

More information about the curriculum for each of our divisions can be accessed on the Elementary, Jr High, and High School pages.