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Life at BCA

No matter how a student is wired—introvert, extrovert, socially adept or socially awkward—souls long for meaningful relationships. God created us all for connection.

At BCA, community is built intentionally by providing students with ways to connect. Whether it is through cheering on the Knights in the stands, serving together in student leadership,  or spending time with friends who share interests during extra-curricular activities, students feel a part of a community by being involved.

Quest Program

The Knight's Journey is a unique experience that BCA students walk through to prepare them to face today's culture and have impact in this world for Christ. Our high school students' school experience in enriched by participating in the Quest Program. This is an unforgettable time for our high school Knights to bond with their class while building character and skill through challenges they overcome. These quests are chronicled in a special journal that will be presented to each Knight at graduation so that they always be able to look back and remember the principles learned when times get tough. Quest is just one way that BCA intentionally pursues the hearts of students so that they will be prepared for a lifetime of success and Kingdom impact. 

House Program

Junior High at BCA is all about The Bond.  Students are sorted into one of four Houses at the beginning of sixth grade and immediately gain a community of seventh and eighth graders who are on their side.  Will you find yourself in the House of Arete pursuing virtue or Doxa displaying honor?  Will you be sorted into Emeth who focuses on truth or Toqueph who is all about strength?  Each House at BCA plays an important role in creating our community and culture.  Houses compete in fun events throughout the school year including Water Wars, Winter Wars, Tug-of-War, and the Knights’ Cup.  Houses spend the day together at our annual spiritual retreat, Uknight, at Camp Twin Lakes building their unique bond.  Students earn points for their Houses by demonstrating the Knights’ Code in our classrooms and hallways.  Our Houses are a wonderful way to create The Bond in Junior High at BCA.