Dual Enrollment

Dual Enrollment (DE- formerly Move On When Ready)  
Why take DE courses?  
  • Get a jump-start on earning college credit. 
  • Take courses that are academically challenging 
  • Gives the opportunity to acclimate yourself to the college atmosphere and schedule while still in high school. 
Gain an edge in college preparation 
  • Enrich your high school experience. 
  • Learn to navigate college classes and a new physical and online environment. 
Eligibility Requirements:  
  • Must be accepted into a college 
  • Test Scores- SAT, ACT, or Placement Test 
  • GPA meets college requirement 
  • Complete the college application 
  • No BCA scheduling conflicts 
DE Credits 
  • Know your transfer equivalences for colleges/universities AND majors. Not every school takes DE credits. 
  • It is the responsibility of students & parents to ensure DE courses transfer to the students’ college or university of choice.  
Approved DE Course Opportunities 
EN 101 Composition
EN 102 Composition and Lit
HI 101 World History I
HI 201 American  History I
MA 102 College Algebra
MA 116 Precalculus
MA 200 Statistics
PO 101 American Government
PY 210 Psychology
SO 210 Sociology
SP 101 Into to Spanish I
SP 102 Intro to Spanish II