Jr High (6th - 8th)

Jr. High (6th - 8th)

Students juggle many new opportunities as they navigate through this next level of growing up, and academic growth is a key part of this complex period of life.

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Junior high students are eased into new levels of academic rigor including changing classes, managing a locker, keeping assignments organized, and moving towards academic independence with the study skills necessary for this wonderful new “freedom.”

The junior high curriculum is designed to seamlessly bridge the elementary and high school levels. The scope and sequence of subjects such as math and social studies have been carefully designed to systematically progress building on past learning and laying a foundation for future grades.

Science begins to take on a more formal approach, yet still keeps the important focus on hands-on experimentation. Developmentally, students are ready to move onto a deeper level of analysis and are able to formulate more complex levels of inquiry. Life, earth, and physical science topics are covered during these years. The language arts curriculum continues to emphasize the important skill of writing and engages the students by introducing them to new levels of literary analysis. History studies cover the ancient world in sixth grade, world geography in seventh grade, and Georgia studies in eighth grade which also includes a broader look at the history of the US. Electives include Bible, art, music, computer technology, and physical education. Our JH teaching team works closely together to prepare engaging and memorable lessons. Additional information about our junior high school courses can be found in our Course Catalog.