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Worship is an important part of BCA’s culture.  All our students come together each week in dynamic chapel services. These meaningful times allow us to teach Biblical truth and turn our hearts toward Christ in authentic, age-appropriate worship.

Preschool and elementary students worship in an energetic, lively setting building a strong foundation. Junior high and high school chapel services are led in worship by a student worship band and given relevant messages to help teens as they navigate life as a Christ-follower in today’s challenging times.

As we teach our students academically, socially, and physically, we also teach them spiritually to learn God's word. The Bible is integrated in every subject taught at BCA. God’s Word is essential for training students to have a biblical worldview.

Our preschool students love attending chapel each week. They enjoy singing songs to worship the Lord and learn about His word through Bible lessons. It is truly the highlight of their week!

Once in kindergarten, students in our elementary school gather each Friday morning for an exciting and energetic chapel. Once in junior high and high school, all students in the 6th through 12th grades meet each week for a powerful chapel led by our student worship band.

These chapels provide opportunities for praise and worship and hearing a message from God's word. Messages are shared from a variety of people including staff members, pastors, students, and special guests which encourage our students to fulfill God's purpose for their lives.

Spiritual Retreats


uKnight is our fall, off-campus spiritual retreat for our Jr High students. All students in the 6th-8th grades get to attend an all day spiritual retreat at Camp Twin Lakes inside of Fort Yargo State Park. We know junior high can be tough years for our students socially; therefore, at uKnight, students participate in fun and challenging team building and recreational activities with the goal of bringing them together and teaching them to "unite" as children of God.


igKnight is our off-campus spiritual retreat for our high school students in the fall. A three day, two night trip up to beautiful North Georgia and the Woodlands Camp in Cleveland. This trip is usually one of the highlights of the year at BCA. Where uKnight aims to bring unity to the junior high student body, igKnight is tailored to "ignite" the faith of each of our high school students.

We value the time we get to pull away from the chaos and busyness of this world and devote ourselves to worship. That's what we do at igKnight! The three days is full of worship, recreational activities, small group time, and an annual "Battle of the Classes." IgKnight is full of the joy and the tangible presence of the Lord.