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Summer Camps

2021 Summer Camps

  • Waiver Form
    If you are signing up for a summer camp please download, sign, and email this waiver form to the appropriate camp contact. Camp contact is below in each camp information. 

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  • Athletic Camp

    Bethlehem Christian Academy Athletic Camps are open to everyone in the community and are a great way to keep your child active during the summer. Our camps are set up to challenge our young athletes to better prepare them for a future in competitive athletics by focusing on fundamentals. Camps are led by school coaches and varsity athletes. Whether your child wants to try out a new sport or get better in the one they play, we would love to have them be a part of BCA athletics in a safe and fun environment.
    Everyone should bring their own water bottle and no tank tops are permitted.
    Cost is $120 per camp.
    Questions should be directed to Nikki Roysden and email should be sent to for all sports camps.

    WEEK 1 CAMPS (JUNE 7-10)
    K-2nd Baseball/Softball (9am-12pm)
    3rd-8th Soccer (9am-12pm)
    K-2nd Basketball (12:30pm-3:30pm)

    WEEK 2 CAMPS (JUNE 14-17)
    3rd-8th Basketball (9am-12pm)

    WEEK 3 CAMPS (JUNE 21-24)
    3rd-8th Volleyball (9am-12pm)
    3rd-8th Baseball (9am-12pm)

    K-2nd Football (9am-12pm)
    3rd-8th Football (9am-12pm)
    3rd-8th Softball (9am-12pm)

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  • STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) Camp

    JUNE 14-17 (9AM-12PM)
    • Hands on problem solving
    • Planning, designing, building, creating, solving problems using critical thinking and team work
    • 3-D design and printing
    • Take home 3-D printed object
    • Take home design project
    • Basic robotics and programming
    • Digital image manipulation
    • Coding
    • Instant challenges
    • Building Apps & Web Pages
    • Science experiments & Investigation
    • Design Constraints
    • Electronic Circuits
    • Mental Math Tricks and challenges
    • Crypography (ciphers)
    • Escape Room Challenges
    • Probability/Math games
    Cost is $170.
    Questions should be directed to Jen Davis and email should be sent to

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  • Art Camp

    JUNE 7-10 (12:30PM-3:30PM)

    A fantastic camp for the eclectic young artist. This week is designed to incorporate drawing, painting, sculpture, and more… a perfect camp for the artist who loves it all!
    Cost is $135.
    Questions should be directed to Jaclyn Sloan and email should be sent to

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  • Math Camp

    JUNE 21-24 (12:30PM-3:30PM)
    • Bridge the gap between grade levels in Saxon Math
    • Focus on major skills needed for next grade level 
    • Build confidence 
    • Hands-on approach 
    • Small group activities 
    • Build number sense through number talk and other skills and strategies 
    • Computation and skill drills  
    • Fact fluency  
    • Games and fun learning 
    • Problem solving and team-building
    • Take home: Will create a packet of resources for next grade level to study over the summer!! 
    Cost: $120 per student
    Questions should be directed to Destiny Rodriguez and email should be sent to

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  • Dance Camp

    JUNE 28-JULY 1 (9AM-12PM)

    Join Anna, Elsa, and friends to explore a week of ballet and creative movement! This camp experience will be filled with dance classes, crafts, videos, snacks and more activities all about Frozen!
    All students will wear black leotards, pink tights and pink ballet slippers. If your dancer would like to wear a skirt, it must be attached to their leotard as a means to minimize distraction. Hair should be worn away from the face in a ballet bun.
    Snacks will be provided, as well as all supplies for crafts.
    Cost is $130.
    Questions should be directed to Jessica Hardy and email should go to

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  • Music + Coding Camp

    JULY 12-15 (9AM-12PM)

    The Music + Coding workshop is an introduction to creative programming and music production. Designed for high school students, this workshop is beginner-friendly and requires no previous experience in coding or music-making. Students will learn the basics of creating music in their genre of choice using music creation software GarageBand and visual programming environments Blokdust and MaxMSP. Students will also create their own interactive electronic instruments using electric paint and Arduino boards. Students willing to unleash their creativity are encouraged to enroll!
    For questions contact Kathryn Koopman

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  • Drivers Ed

    Monday – Thursday
    JUNE 7TH - 10TH
    JULY 12TH - 15TH 

    Alpha Omega Driving Academy
    We are an approved Georgia Department of Driver Services (DDS) school. We teach the 30 hours of class at 4 different high schools in the area, Bethlehem Christian Academy, Hebron Christian Academy, Cherokee Bluff and Flowery Branch HS. The student is allowed to take both (the 30 hours classroom instruction and the 6 hours behind the wheel) parts of Joshua's Law at the same driving school or choose to do one part with one school and a second part (ex; BTW driving) with another. 
    Please feel free to read our reviews and community section on the Facebook page.
    We can be reached for any other questions such as scheduling, pickup, and cost at 404-405-3687 and